Thursday, 27 May 2010

Brides just want to have fun!

I just adore this trend of matching a pair of beautiful heels with your wedding dress, but I am a shoe girl! So just in case  you need a reasons to buy a pair of jaw dropping stunning bridal shoes...

Short wedding dresses

2010 / 2011 short wedding dresses are voguish in every manner thereby pleasing the number of brides for a wide variety of reasons. It can range from the very obvious convenience to the wedding dress cost. Whatever may be the reason the result is the ever increasing fondness of the short wedding dress styles. To your delight there are number of wedding gown designers who have dedicated an entire line of bridal dresses to it.

Wedding dress trends for 2011

2011 might seem like a long way off, but bridal gown designers are already hard at work creating the beautiful styles which brides next year will all be coveting. Set to debut in a few months, the first crop of 2011 gowns are embellished with many dimensional details, lots of hand stitched crystals, and large floral appliqu├ęs. Take a sneak peek into the romantic style of the latest wedding gown trends.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

15 good reasons to get married in Italy

                                          Wedding's in Italy
I read the following list in Joanne Dunn’s wedding photographer’s blog and well could not have put it better so I am borrowing it!

15 good reasons to get married in Italy...
1. Weddings are an institution in Italy and therefore are super organised. Large Italian weddings are notorious all over the world (they take their traditions with them where ever they go). So everybody from wedding planners, venues, hairdressers and florists work a lot. Practise makes perfect and so it’s safe to say Italy offers some of the world’s finest wedding service providers.

Italian weddings... Curiosities and superstitions

Italy has a very long history and with every region maintaining their own traditions there are many to choose from should you wish to incorporate some in to your wedding day in Italy.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Why get married in Italy?

Maybe the question should not be why you should go to Italy, the birthplace of the phrase la dolce vita (the sweet life), but where in this country of art, ancient history, ethereal vistas, top-notch cuisine, and abundant wine (Italy leads the world with more than four million acres of vineyards) is the ideal destination for you!

                                                                       photo by Edoardo Agresti  

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Caroline Castigliano ~ A New Website and a Bespoke Wedding Dress Giveaway!

### Hot Off The Press ###
Caroline Castigliano, internationally renowned designer of luxurious bridal and evening gowns,  unveils her new website,


Sending out 'Save the Date' cards to your guests are a wonderful way to generate excitement and, most importantly, allow your loved ones plenty of time to make arrangements to share in your special day. Especially important for friends and family who will be traveling to your wedding in Italy, Save the Dates encourage travelers to take advantage of travel deals, book flights, and make any other necessary plans sooner than later.

Wedding in Treviso part 1

 Wedding in Treviso part 1!
Sue and James celebrated their civil marriage in the town hall of Treviso before traveling to a nearby castle for part 2 of their marriage ceremony!

Wedding in Amalfi

Tiffany and Mike were married in a very romantic ceremony on the Amalfi coast
All photo's taken by Kelly Hayes


Wedding in Siena

Janine and Ashley were married in a beautiful ceremony in Siena followed by a lavish reception in a Tuscan castle... 

Janine and Ashley were married on a beautiful summer’s day in my favorite Tuscan city of Siena.

Wedding in Venice

Beautiful wedding photography in Italy


Almost as important as the wedding itself, quality wedding photographs help your memories last a lifetime. Long after the ceremony is over and as you spend the rest of your lives together, you'll gaze fondly at the pictures taken on your wedding day. You'll want photos to share with friends and family, to display in your home, and to fill your wedding album which you may share with future generations...

Since photographs are such an important and lasting keepsake, you want them handled well. With such an important occasion as your wedding, you cannot afford any slipups, mistakes, or mishaps. Poorly taken wedding photographs are not just a disappointment; they can ruin your chances of revisiting the many beautiful details of your wedding day, long after your memory has begun to fade.

Over the years we have composed a list of wonderful photographers. We like to create a TEAM with solid and trusted partners and all the photographers we recommend have a long and successful relationship with us: we enjoy their friendship as much as we love their photos!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Kelly Hayes The Italian Wedding Planner

I have lived and worked in Italy since 2004. I set up the business in June 2005 and have rapidly increased our profile in the wedding industry here in Italy not only by hard work, but mostly by being so passionate about what we do.

I started by thinking about why I wanted to jump off my career path in the UK. And the conclusion I came to was that I had lost the passion for what I was doing.

Then I thought about what made me feel passionate – and I decided that anything to do with people and organising really excited me. Anything to do with weddings appealed to my romantic side and anything to do with Italy makes me happy.

I had seen friends, colleagues and associates rushing around like mad things planning their weddings and not always getting ‘stuff’ done. I heard so many people complaining there just weren’t enough hours in the day. And I also noticed that people getting married in Italy found it a minefield of paperwork on top of the stress of dealing with Italians and their unique quirky ways!

I knew I couldn’t physically make the day longer, make the paperwork go away or make the Italians work faster. But I could offer practical help. Someone to do everything for them, organise things, make things happen; someone who they could trust 100% and who had a passion for getting things right – first time, every time; someone who was not going to put mark up’s on the quotes but who would be honest with them and work to organise their wedding as if it were my own.

With a father who was an executive head chef and mother a florist, I feel as if I have grown up in this business, managing 'on-the-day' is what I have done my whole life. My passion for the designing and planning never dims; add to this, my cheeky side and my outspoken and honest nature...and you can be sure I get the job done with ease and a smile. My team and I excel at it... it gives us a buzz. And so the ideas develop…

We believe every wedding is unique and it is for this reason we do not offer ‘wedding packages’. We help the bride and groom achieve a wedding day that is as unique as they are. 

As a wedding planner it is not about my personal style, it is about being able to recognise the style, tastes and wishes of any prospective couple and bring them into being. Consequently my styling may sometimes be very traditional; other times I may style a wedding in a modern and contemporary manner. If I had to sum up my preferred style for a wedding I would say: elegant, simple and timeless.
Italy the perfect backdrop for your wedding all year round...

Getting married in Italy

So what is it that makes Italy the perfect back drop for your wedding? There is something very romantic about Italy, maybe it is that special light, the wonderful food or something you just cannot put your finger on. Italy is such a very special place a mix of old and new. A wonderful land that opens her heart to all, but especially those who enjoy fine wine and mouth watering delicacies!

The breathtaking churches and town halls, the venues with views out over the sea or one of the beautiful lakes, not to mention the beautiful countryside or sophisticated cities. Not only will you have a beautiful wedding, your guests shall be left with wonderful memories of your wedding in Italy....

Most couples plan a three day event, for example:

Friday - Welcome cocktails or BBQ

Saturday - The Wedding

Sunday - Lunch or dinner by the pool

We have in the past organised a vast range of fun events to entertain wedding guests during their stay: early morning hot air ballooning; wine tours; dinner onboard an old sailboat as it cruised around the Venetian lagoon.; cocktails on roof top terrace looking out over Florence; a welcome dinner on the beach with guests arriving by boat; Pizza in the Piazza and drinks and salami in the local village bar just to mention a few!

Italy, think Venice, Florence, Siena, Rome and don’t forget Amalfi, Puglia and the many islands ...

Why engage a wedding planner?

Planning a wedding takes a little more than picking a date, showing up and walking down the aisle. For one thing 90% of the couples we work with live in the UK, USA, Ireland and Australia! Then there is that not so small detail of dealing with the locals, the language barrier as well as the cultural differences which can cause confusion and frustration.

There was a time when wedding planners were an extravagance reserved for the mega rich and famous. These days hiring a coordinator is, if not commonplace in your home country, increasingly popular when getting married abroad.

Why? Well apart from the paperwork and the language issues, most couples have full time jobs that do not allow them a lot of free time. When planning a wedding from thousands of miles away having a cool headed, organised professional around to take on some of the burden is still a luxury, but many brides feel the payoff- less time focused on the little details, more time focused on the big day – is priceless.

What can we do for you? We will introduce you to beautiful locations or work with a venue of your choice. We will suggest vendors and negotiate with them for the best price and service; take care of the responsibilities you’d prefer not to tackle; be there the day of your wedding (and other events around your wedding if required) to make sure everything runs smoothly; and serve occasionally as an impromptu therapist when mounting stress turns you into a crazed tulle-obsessed mess.

Part of our job is to deliver your wedding within budget and to utilise our relationships with vendors to save you money. So if you are a bride or groom who gets hives just thinking about negotiating costs with vendors you many appreciate having an unabashed and experienced third party around to talk numbers.
Beautiful bespoke weddings in Italy… Expertly planned
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