Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Kelly Hayes The Italian Wedding Planner

I have lived and worked in Italy since 2004. I set up the business in June 2005 and have rapidly increased our profile in the wedding industry here in Italy not only by hard work, but mostly by being so passionate about what we do.

I started by thinking about why I wanted to jump off my career path in the UK. And the conclusion I came to was that I had lost the passion for what I was doing.

Then I thought about what made me feel passionate – and I decided that anything to do with people and organising really excited me. Anything to do with weddings appealed to my romantic side and anything to do with Italy makes me happy.

I had seen friends, colleagues and associates rushing around like mad things planning their weddings and not always getting ‘stuff’ done. I heard so many people complaining there just weren’t enough hours in the day. And I also noticed that people getting married in Italy found it a minefield of paperwork on top of the stress of dealing with Italians and their unique quirky ways!

I knew I couldn’t physically make the day longer, make the paperwork go away or make the Italians work faster. But I could offer practical help. Someone to do everything for them, organise things, make things happen; someone who they could trust 100% and who had a passion for getting things right – first time, every time; someone who was not going to put mark up’s on the quotes but who would be honest with them and work to organise their wedding as if it were my own.

With a father who was an executive head chef and mother a florist, I feel as if I have grown up in this business, managing 'on-the-day' is what I have done my whole life. My passion for the designing and planning never dims; add to this, my cheeky side and my outspoken and honest nature...and you can be sure I get the job done with ease and a smile. My team and I excel at it... it gives us a buzz. And so the ideas develop…

We believe every wedding is unique and it is for this reason we do not offer ‘wedding packages’. We help the bride and groom achieve a wedding day that is as unique as they are. 

As a wedding planner it is not about my personal style, it is about being able to recognise the style, tastes and wishes of any prospective couple and bring them into being. Consequently my styling may sometimes be very traditional; other times I may style a wedding in a modern and contemporary manner. If I had to sum up my preferred style for a wedding I would say: elegant, simple and timeless.
Italy the perfect backdrop for your wedding all year round...

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