Getting married in Italy

There is something very romantic about Italy, maybe it is that special light, the wonderful food or something you just cannot put your finger on. Italy is such a very special place a mix of old and new. A wonderful land that opens her heart to all, but especially those who enjoy fine wine and mouth watering delicacies!
 The breathtaking churches and town halls, the venues with views out over the sea or one of the beautiful lakes, not to mention the beautiful countryside or sophisticated cities. Not only will you have a beautiful wedding, your guests shall be left with wonderful memories of your wedding in Italy....
 Most couples plan a three day event, for example:

Friday - Welcome cocktails or BBQ

Saturday - The Wedding

Sunday - Lunch or dinner by the pool

Italy, think Venice, Florence, Siena, Rome and don’t forget Amalfi, Puglia and the many islands ...
We have in the past organised a vast range of fun events to entertain wedding guests during their stay: early morning hot air ballooning; wine tours; dinner onboard an old sailboat as it cruised around the Venetian lagoon.; cocktails on roof top terrace looking out over Florence; a welcome dinner on the beach with guests arriving by boat; Pizza in the Piazza and drinks and salami in the local village bar just to mention a few!

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