Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Words of wisdom from a past Bride

It is another beautiful day here in Italy and this morning a recieved an lovely e-mail from one of our brides guiding me to the following post:

Wedding in Tuscany

Hi everyone, we have just returned from our weddingmoon in Italy! WOW I can not say enough to describe how totally awesome it was!! I want to pass on some words of wisdom:

1. Defiantly don’t try and do it alone. Get a good wedding planner that will guide you all the way. We used Kelly Hayes from The Italian Wedding planner ( ) she is so professional and friendly you just know you are in capable hands.

2. You have to remember Italy is about 50 years behind the states when it comes to weddings. However I think they have it right, keep it simple, timeless and romantic!

3. You are not going to get answers from suppliers within a week. As frustrating as this is when we are planning a destination wedding and being so used to the faster pace of life in the US it was not until we arrived in Italy and met with Kelly and was taken to meet the florist as well as other suppliers did we finally grasp how totally different the Italians are from us and how laid back they are about everything! We felt so bad about the final few weeks before our arrival and phoning Kelly with our concerns to be told that she is hounding the supplier. Honestly as soon as we arrived it was an eye opener to the Italians way of life and we were delighted that we were not the ones dealing with them and that Kelly had taken on that stress for us. Kelly with her Irish humour and bright smile was our buffer and we can not thank her enough!

4. The wedding day and all the events around the day were beyond our expectations. We had scheduled lots of activities for our guests, as they were flying all the way over to Europe we wanted to make sure they got to see and experience as much as possible! Although Kelly made sure we gave people time to relax by the pool and recover with their hangovers the next day!

5. Your guests will shock you as ours did by the amount of hand holding they will need! Print out a schedule of events and if you agree with Kelly and her team in advance they will take care of all the RSVP’S and guest concerns in the run up and during the event.

6. Select what is important to you. For us it was the food, music and photographer! Then trust your planner to select the best for you!

7. Relax and enjoy and you will have the most amazing time. All of our guests are still raving about it and we could not have been happier with everything from the moment we touched down till the moment we arrived home. Now we have all our photos to look forward to!

Sam Petterson

LA, CA USA 06/28/2010

Thank you Sam!

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