Saturday, 14 August 2010

Classic Italian style!

After MANY MANY years together Dawn and Darren finally walked down the aisle!
In a weekend celebration they kept the focus firmly on why they were there. Making a decision to invest their energies in the things that are important to them and have managed to cement themselves in my mind as the couple who’s wedding day was not only a true reflection of their personalities but very much about their commitment to each other in front of their friends and families. It was a honour to have translated at their wedding and to have been a part of their very personal weekend of food, wine and much laughter!

Every consideration was thought of to give their guests a wonderful taste of Italia. After their arrived at this stunning villa just north of Venice, they were treated to a wine tasting session by the lovely Claire from Bisol wine

Lots of wonderful wine, lots of laughter!

Bruno 'The king of the BBQ' presents Dawn with dinner!

A very rustic dinner was enjoyed by all in the courtyard before an early night!


Guests were surprised by the arrival of these cute little cars to take them to the town hall where the surprises kept coming!


A string duet welcomed the guests in to the town hall and played beautifully during the ceremony and cocktails.

Unfortunately as I was translating the wedding this is the only photo I have of the ceremony!

The happy couple exiting in to the town square!
Enjoying drinks and snacks in the local bars hidden garden where the guests were treated to an encour from David Habbin the Tenor from London who brought tears to eyes when he sang in the town hall. 
I can't get enough of these happy little cars!
On the way back to the villa... more to follow!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kelly.

    We were guests at Dawn and Darrens wedding, and just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts in helping to make our first time in Italy amazing!
    The wedding was perfect, and it was great to see Dawn and Darren so relaxed knowing everything was being taken care of by you and your team.
    A truly wonderful experience.
    Best wishes.
    Paul Wilkinson & Nicola Rain. x


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