Monday, 29 August 2011

Petra Ecclestone's wedding in Odescalchi castle

What a show: Local residents gathered just outside the castle to watch the breathtaking show which lit up the night sky

When couples write to me asking 'How much does a wedding in Italy cost?" my reply normally says it depends on the style and size of your wedding party. You can have a beautiful day and spend very little or as we witnessed this weekend at the nuptials of Petra Ecclestone, you can also put on a spectacular show...

Here comes the bride: Petra Ecclestone beamed excitedly as she was driven to her wedding venue in Rome today

Petra Ecclestone celebrated with a festival of fireworks and acrobats, hosting the celebrations in the medieval town of Bracciano, in Odescalchi  castle where Tom and Kate got married. Her father spent a reported 5 million euros on making sure everything was perfect for his little girl.

What a show: Guests of the wedding were treated to fireworks and an elaborate show which saw acrobats flying through the night's sky

The Daily mail reported the following break down of Bernie Ecclestone's bill and they did not hold back! 

Bernies Bill.jpg 

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