Sunday, 11 March 2012

Wedding favours...

Good morning!
The sun is up and it is going to be another beautiful spring day!  I woke very early this morning with the help of my neighbours cats! But the extra hours in the day have given me a chance to complete a few things and has also given me time to look at favors for guests!

I go to a lot of friends weddings here in Italy (thankfully they can not understand English, so I am presuming it is safe to write honestly!) and it never fails to surprise me the mix of favors. From the useless trinkets, which at best, are put in a corner gathering dust at home, at worse thrown directly in the bin, to the thoughtful gifts that are appreciated. 

The wedding favor is a small gesture to thank all those who took part in your day and  who have shared with you so much joy. Sometimes delivered by the bride when guests leave the party they represent the conclusionof the wedding day. Smaller gifts are used as part of the table decorations. 

Putting thought in to your favours is important as this small gift absolutely reflect your tastes.Let's just indulge and give space to imagination...

Personalised bottles of Olive oil from the estate hosting your wedding...

Fans for the ladies... 

romantic, glamorous, destination real wedding
Hats for the men! 

Something a little different, practical and very ITALIAN!

From the foodies!

Italian cook books from the region hosting  your wedding

Support local crafts men and women and give beautifully hand crafted gifts such as these murano glass paper weights 

Lets not forget the traditional Italian bomboniere! 

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  1. Really cute idea for those hats and fans for the attendees. It will make your visitor feel important and special. The other favors are great too.


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