Sunday, 28 April 2013

Discover Puglia...

A REGION of Italy that in recent years has become very popular with the chic set. Probably due to the developments of boutique hotels and yummy spa's! I have this past year fallen in love with this area. The people are delightful and the food is divine! We have a wedding here this May and I have really enjoyed planning this wedding and am so excited to see it all come together!

This idyllic area of Italy with its olive trees, whitewashed, hilltop towns, scorched earth and unforgiving heat, Puglia can seem closer to the melting pot of Greece than the grandeur of Rome. It’s not that the Renaissance bypassed southern Italy, but it certainly left fewer calling cards. Don’t come looking for picture-perfect art towns, formal gardens or trophy villas: the draw of Apulia, as it is known in English, 
is in the unexpected...

Jessica and Justin Tiberlake's wedding in Puglia! 

Why host a wedding here? Apart from the sublime venues and wonderful weather allowing for ''summer'' feel weddings later in the season. There is a charm to Puglia, it feels as if you are going back in time but not only that, There are some of Italy's most beautiful hotels in this region and there are also some of my favourite B&B's! The region of Puglia caters for everyones tastes, be it modern and chic or relaxed and rusting plus everywhere in between! Contact us today to find out more about getting married in Puglia.  

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