Sunday, 9 June 2013

Perfect post for a quiet Sunday morning... Chill out

The wedding is in full swing, people are on the dance floor, others are milling by the bar and then there are a few who want to take a pause, play a game, chill, smoke a cigar and sip a fine Cognac and where better than in a relax zone! 

Creating a formal setting, night club setting or a few hammocks strung between trees,  a chill out zone allows you to make the most of your venue...

Just scatter a few blankets with cushions add a basket of hats and parasols and you have a very relaxing relax zone! 

Having a  selection of fun games can add something special to your day. 

Hookah pipes in the relax zone... 

Make the most of a quiet area in your venue! 

Modern and stylish! 

Add a few bean bags and people will flop on to them! 

I am a big fan of a cigar bar, especially at black tie weddings! There is something about men in black tie  and a cigar!

Just the smallest of details can create a charming point of interest.... 

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