Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Lebanese wedding in Italy

Legal requirements if both the bride and groom are Lebanese’s and resident in Lebanon 
wishing to get married in Italy:

 Couples getting legally married in Italy are amazed at the stateliness of the civil ceremony. The Representative of the state wearing the traditional Italian red, white and green sash reads the articles of law governing the rights and responsibilities of married couples in Italian and is simultaneously translated into English.

The ceremony lasts approximately 20 minutes in its pure form but you can personalise the ceremony with your own vows and readings if the town hall agrees to the additions. 

You are legally obliged to have an interpreter present throughout the ceremony, even if you or your partner can speak Italian. The interpreter must be a professional who will sign and make an oath to translate accordingly.
Paperwork requirements focus on certification of no-impediment. All paperwork is submitted to the town hall wedding office when you go to sign your wedding promise two or three days before your wedding date. Please note some town halls are happy for you to sign the promise on the morning of your wedding.

Two witnesses are required to be present during the ceremony and sign the official register alongside the bride, the groom and the translator. All must be at least 18 years old and have a valid passport or ID.
Basic Documentation
Paperwork required for Lebanese Citizens to marry in Italy:
  • A valid passport. 
  • A nulla Osta
  • If divorced Decree of Absolute 
  • If widowed a spouses death certificate and your previous marriage certificate.
  • Declaration of residency
  • Civil extract

You must apply for an individual civil extract at the ministry of interiors. It usually takes a couple of days for this to be issued. Please note it is only valid for 3 months. 
The civil extract's then need to be legalised at the department of foreign affairs. 
The original legalised civil extracts need to be sent to us along with a copy of your passports and we shall apply for your Nulla Osta's at the Lebanese consulate Rome. (The current rate correct at time of publishing, for each Nulla Osta is 17 euro.)
Your Nulla Osta's will then be taken to be legalised and you are now free to get married in Italy! 

For more information about getting married here in Italy please do not hesitate to contact us! 

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