Monday, 28 April 2014

A Behind the Scenes Look at a Wedding Setup

Wedding in Italy

A friend is getting married this May in the UK. There is a wedding coordinator at the venue, so she thought everything would be taken care of. She has found out the hard way that there is WAY more to do than she thought and that the in house wedding planner is only looking after the aspects concerning the venue. With only a few weeks to go until her wedding day, she is in a bit of a pickle... But the big worry is who is going to 'setup' her day??

This made me question the role of the in house wedding planner and another friend told me about her experience with a venue wedding coordinator. She said that while the venue were great for the accommodation on site and the basic package, the were not interested in all the elements outside of the package that she wanted, to make her wedding special.  
She wanted all the details that would reflect their personalities but soon realised how hard they are to pull together, especially when she was supposed to be getting ready to walk down the aisle! She said that all the vendors and props she had chosen so carefully, needed to be orchestrated perfectly in order to create the vision of her wedding that she had in her mind. She said they could not do it with out her and she had no one who knew her vision inside and out in order to pull it all together. Resulting in a lot of stress! 
She said if there was one thing she would go back and change, it would be securing the services of an external wedding planner and coordinator to look after her wedding with a personal touch. Obviously I agree ;) 
No one tells you when planning your own wedding that in addition to the stress of organising it, on the day you need someone to pull it all together. The amount of work that is going on behind the scenes is mind boggling, while you are tucked away with your attendants, there is a team of people working away quietly to bring all of the elements to life... 
There are many video's out there showing the setting up of a wedding. I came across this one today and after over a decade of planning weddings, I can confidently tell you that this video shows only a very SMALL portion of what is going on out there!

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