Friday, 7 January 2011

Wedding Day Checklist

Happy New Year!

For many of my brides the start of the Year in which they are to be married suddenly marks  the reality of only weeks or months till their wedding day!

Having a check list is imperative to ensure you don't miss out any of the essential elements for your wedding day, but as your day approaches the check lists continue ten folds to make sure nothing is missed or over looked.

Top 5 things to have on your wedding day in Italy check list:

  1. Wedding documents! Double check you have all your original documents ready to be presented and that you have obtained all the correct permits for the wedding in Italy to be legally binding. Which also brings me to permits Have all the additional permits required by the town where you are to be married ready and on hand.  This includes parking and access permits for the bridal car, music in a public area permit, fireworks in the summer season and you should also check with your venue if you need to apply for additional electricity for the band and marquee. Do not forget to apply for the music tax forms!
  2. Schedule. Write a time line and make sure everyone in the main wedding party receive a copy so they know where they are supposed to be and when.  A schedule is also really helpful for family members so they know what is going on and don't keep asking what happens next! I always make sure that all of the suppliers get a copy and that it has contact numbers for all of the suppliers listed. Make sure the schedule is as detailed as possible!
  3.  Attire. Prepare all of your attire. This means: the dress, the undergarments, the makeup, the jewelry, the wedding shoes, the hair pieces. Start from top to bottom and make sure you have a full inventory of everything you will be wearing on that day. Don't forget the little details like undergarments. Also, don't forget anything else like stickies or that lipstick you want to use to reapply throughout the night. Put it all in one place, assign one of your bridesmaids or family members to make sure it is all there and to help you bring it over for the big day.
  4. Photography list. Spend sometime writing out a list of all the photos you would like of your day and the people you would like to ensure are included in a photo with you. Send this to your photographer in advance AND make sure someone gives it to your photographer on the day. It is a good idea to have someone like the best man or one of your family members help identify the family members when the photos are being taken. It is a good time after the ceremony to have all of the group photos so people can let their hair down and kick off their shoes afterwards.  
  5. Music. Preparing your music list in advance allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy your day and night! From what is to be played while you walk down the aisle to any songs you love to dance to! Also make a list of songs you do not want to hear! Make sure your musicians or DJ have this list in advance!

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