Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Amber our July bride's blog on the run up to her wedding:  
The Bridal Bouquet
With so many beautiful flowers to choose from, where do I start?
Well, after having seen 'Black Swan', I have become ever so slightly obsessed with everything symbolic of the ballet. So it seems apt that I choose flowers inspired by my most current love and obsession, the ballet.
Photo by Jessica Claire http://www.jessicaclaire.net/
When I think of the ballet, I picture a beautiful ballerina poised in front of a Venetian mirror wearing the iconic ballet slippers.
So how do I translate this image of mine into flowers…?

I'm dreaming of bridal bouquets hand tied with silk ribbons, lace or tulle.
I'm thinking flowers bejeweled by a scattering of crystals and pearls or nestling with the softest ivory feathers.
I'm imagining dozens of roses in bloom.
 I'm visualizing displays of pastel and nude tones with petals of the most delicate oyster pinks, champagne, pale apricot and lilacs.

I hope my florist will realize my grand designs and I can look forward to a floral memory I will be able to treasure always and forever.                                                                                                       Amber

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