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Trust your wedding planner when selecting your photographer...

Barbara Perotti Casagrande 
I have learnt a lot from our Photographers and I have the deepest respect my wedding  photographers, however when we recommend a photographer it is because they are able to produce the images we think will best reflect the style of the bride and groom.

Whilst the final product is the most important aspect in our decisions when we recommend photographers there are many other aspects that we take in to consideration. We select photographers who are professional, great to work with and understand what is expected of them.  We have worked with many different photographers over the years and have now weeded out the ones who don't fit in to our high expectations and have selected the ones we know produce amazing photographs, who connect with the couple and their guests and are professional but fun to work with.

Edoardo Agresti

Recently a photographer told me  that ''working with a wedding planner is amazing, they are like gold to be connected to. You know you are going to be working with a professional and in a great team.''

As bride and grooms trust their wedding planner 100%,when they receive a list of photographers or videographers they know they are getting the best of the crop. It is as simple as that. Our referral is a very strong referral, it is almost as strong as your best friend saying I used them and loved them they were great!
We always ask for a copy of the dvd of photos, so we can see the final results and make sure that the quality of photographs are perfect. That way we make sure the photographer delivers what they promise to deliver and what was expected of them.

We also only recommend photographers who we respect and return this respect, after all we work as a team and no one wants to work with people who are not team players. Our brides and grooms know when we recommend someone it is because they are the best in every aspect.

Neil Walker
When we recommend photographers we give our couples all the information so they can make a decision of the photographer who's work they like the best. They are advised to check out the photographers web site and blog, get  feel for them and if possible meet them. We understand when you are getting married in Italy the idea of finding a wedding photographer is overwhelming, which is why we have composed a list of the best photographers.  We work with photographers all over Italy, the UK, Ireland and the USA, selecting the right photographers to recommend for your wedding day inside your budget.

sim canetty-clarke
Once the photographer has been contracted we work very closely with them on the run up to the wedding day. As with all of our suppliers we send out a time line and arrange to meet in the weeks before the wedding to go over the game plan either in person or in that wonderful world of Skype. With photographers we talk about what the bride and groom have in their minds, if there is time to go to a location for a photo shoot before going to the venue for cocktails. We try and keep the photo shoot as short as possible after all it is the couples wedding day and they don't want to hang out with the photographer and the wedding planner, they want to be with their friends and family!

Carlo Carletti 

Occasionally we meet photographers that the clients have contracted independently, when it is someone who's work we admire and who's personality and professionalism is to our high standards, we make sure to keep in touch with them and are happy to recommend them to future bride and grooms. 

Occasionally we come across photographers who don't meet the standard, whose behaviour is not professional and can put a black cloud over the couples most important day. Those cowboys are the ones we make sure to never work with again. After all we don't work on commission or place mark ups on prices so for us we have only two invested interests in who the client engages as their wedding photographer.... Beautiful photos which show the couple and all our hard work in the best light possible and a happy respectful and professional working environment.
Alfonso Longobardi

Place your trust in your wedding planner and they will make sure you get the best service providers!

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