Friday, 3 June 2011

What to wear to a Catholic wedding in Italy...

Cathedral of Amalfi

Yesterday I met with Don Michele in the Cathedral of Amalfi to introduce him to a bride and groom getting married in Amalfi next June. During the conversation the subject of what the bride should wear and her bridesmaids and female guests came up. 

Elie Saab Auriga wedding dress for Pronovias

Don Michele was very clear that the bride should have her shoulders covered and that the veil was not sufficient as it is transparent. 

It is always best to check with the church where you will be married in Italy to ask about the dress code, some priests say they are happy with a veil covering the brides shoulders others say that she must cover her shoulders. 

Don Michele also pointed out that the bridesmaids and the other guests attending the wedding should a cover their shoulders and that the guests should wear a respectful length of skirt. If you are getting married in Italy please remember to let your guests know they should bring a pashmina with them for inside the church and remember no miniskirts! 

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