Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Breaking Dawn

As Twilight Breaking dawn has thousands of mainly women flocking to the cinemas to shed a tear at good old fashioned romance, umm with a twist, those of us in the industry are following with interest how the weddings design will affect trends this coming year. 
With the Royal Wedding last summer kicking off the step away from strapless dress and welcoming back the more demure elegance of sleeves and lace, it is a delight to see that this trend was followed by the costume designers for the Twilight movie.

Even if you have not seen the movie, this is a beautiful gown. The original in the film was designed by Venezuelan fashion designer Carolina Herrera, who created old-world elegance with a long-sleeved silk dress, complete with lace detailing on the cut out back. Buttons run the length of the back of the 'Edwardian inspired' gown, which according to Hollywood Life is valued at $35,000!!!

Both the dress and its accompanying specially-designed Manolo Blahnik jewel-encrusted shoes are set to go on sale as part of the designers' 2012 collections.

The Alfred Angel replica, as pictured, costing a very reasonable $799, stays faithful to the original, but opts for liquid satin instead of silk. So girls if you would like to wear this dress knowing how beautifully cut it is and how unforgiving satin is, start going to the gym now! 

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