Saturday, 14 April 2012

Where is the best place to get married in Italy???

Today I spoke to a lovely couple on skype, they have visited Italy before for the wedding of a relative and feel that Italy is the perfect place for a wedding. The only question now is where? 

It is the hardest of questions to answer because there are so many beautiful locations, cities, beaches, mountains, castles, villas and farmhouses that to suddenly be looking at all of these beautiful places can leave you confused. 
Todi Castle, Umbria, Italy
Todi Castle Umbria 
The first thing is the location. Nearly every area of Italy has its own personality, style, cuisine and backdrop. You have to work out the backdrop you would like for your wedding day. Do you want the city of Rome, with street cafes and the hustle of a big city? Maybe a large villa in the countryside but still close enough to the town, somewhere close to an airport or somewhere with no restrictions on music... 
Lake Como
All of these different elements come in to deciding on the location and venue for your wedding day. Not forgetting the beauty of the backdrop and the budget. 
Santa Maria Castellabate

At The Italian Wedding Planner, we can assist you to find the perfect venue, listen to what it is you have in mind for your wedding day and help you work out which venue suits both your personalities. Once we have the venue then the rest is easy!
Contact us today for a chat and see how easy and fun it will be to get married in Italy! 

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