Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sarah & Jonathan Italian wedding part 1

Today I met a sweet couple to talk about their wedding next year and the questions of photographers came up. They were thinking about having a friend take their photos. Which is not always a bad idea if you like your friends style and your friend is committed to capture every aspect of your day for you...  On the other had having a professional photographer who will cover all of your wedding from the day before to the day after really is magical, which is exactly what the lovely sarah and Jonathan did when they hired the amazing Shella from London to come with them and capture the magic! Here is what Shella has to say about the experience and some of the beautiful photographs she took...

I was the lucky photographer Sarah & Jonathan hired to photograph their wedding in a castle in Tuscany. The evening before the wedding they had a lovely al fresco dinner in the garden just after sunset to welcome and thank all their guests for coming. It was a relaxed affair with a smorgasbord of Italian food and wine from the castle’s own vineyard. The evening started off with a lovely glow of the sunset but the light was falling fast and soon it was pitch black bar the candlelight – even so I hope I managed to capture the mood and feel of this lovely soirĂ©e!
Part 2 aka the wedding coming soon…:)

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