Friday, 22 June 2012

Capture the magic - focus on photographers

Not all photographers can take a good photo, you have to do a little research to find photographers who have an eye for the detail, who weave magic and capture the very essence of the day.

Don't allow a wedding planner to tell you to use one particular photographer, the chances are they are on commission and are not giving you an impartial opinion.  Ask to see about 10 different photographers,  so you can compaire their different styles and just like when you saw 'the dress' for the first time, you just know when you have found the wedding photographer with a style that would work best for you.

Your planner can tell you what it is like to work with that photographer, are they bossy, friendly, make people feel at ease, do they help set up a photo, are they still passionate about the job they do, do they capture all the details you worked hard on putting together and does the planner enjoy working with them.

Here at The Italian Wedding Planner, we like to send out a list of photographers with links to their web sites so you can see a portfolio of their work. If there is a chance to introduce you to the photographer during your visit then we ask that the photographer shows you an example of a complete wedding so you don't just get to see the best shots but how the photographer captured the wedding day.

Once you have made this little bit of an effort you will feel content that you have chosen the right person for your day!

Today we are starting a series of posts  'Capture the magic - focus on photographers' and look forward to introducing you to many wonderful photographers!


Kelly Hayes

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