Monday, 7 January 2013

Operation beauty boot camp

2013 has arrived and all you bride to be's have suddenly sat up and realised that is the year you are getting married and that diet you keep putting off has to get underway, the weekly manicures and daily exfoliating plus hair treatments need to be put in to action! Operation beauty boot camp is underway! 
Here are our top 10 tips! 

1) Kick start in to action!
Join your local gym or employ a personal trainer if you are like me and you need a army sergeant type to get your heart rate up! Start working out to look your best on your big day, 

2) Keep Up Your Guard
We may be in winter time but you still need UV protection every day to help ward off wrinkles, premature ageing and the threat of skin cancer. Make sun protection part of your routine by using a liquid makeup with SPF.

3) Take Time to Rejuvenate
Help purge the pore-clogging oil, grime and sweat that builds up on your skin. No need for drastic measures, though — use a daily treatment containing an amino-peptide plus B3 complex that helps you regenerate skin's appearance, renewing its outer layer and revealing newer skin.

4) Nourish Skin Overnight
On the upside of longer nights, you'll have more time to moisturise while you sleep. Look for a hydrating formula that helps prevent and repair damage to your skin's surface for firmer-looking skin every morning.

5) Plucker up 
If you are thinking of having your eye brows shaped, try in a few months before your wedding so you can work out the shape that suits your face best. 

6) Creating a style
  If you are thinking of changing your hair colour or growing it longer, talk to your stylist and start experimenting. 

7) Care for your locks 
Dandruff symptoms can get worse in cold, dry seasons with less sunlight. But that's no reason to hide under your hat — a gentle pH-balanced shampoo with pyrithione zinc will give you clean, manageable and virtually flake-free hair* from root to tips. 

8) Sparkling smiles
 Book an appointment to see your dental hygienist for a deep clean or no less than 4 months before your wedding treat yourself to a professional whitening treatment. 

9) Get a glow
Want to experiment with self tanners? Try this at least a month or two before your wedding so if you do not like the effect you will not panic and it takes about 10 days for it to fade away. My advice is get a professional spray tan and keep it very light as fake tan does rub off on wedding dresses! 

10) Find time to relax
Personally I find that I have very little 'me' time in my day, so getting my hair bow dried or having a manicure forces me to sit still and just be. A manicure more than my blow dry as I can not even touch my mobile phone and I just have to sit still. Also gives your nails the TLC they will need to look their best on the day! Two birds with one stone, perfect! 

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