Sunday, 24 November 2013

A romantic wedding in Pitigliano...

Wedding in Italy

A wedding - the start of a lifelong commitment, a promise to each other in front of loved ones, comes in many forms... This adorable wedding captured by Edoardo Agresti is best summed up in the words of the mother of the bride: 

When I look at pictures of the magnificent weddings you've arranged I think "wow! how beautiful." There are some stunningly beautiful venues in Italy for weddings and although a small farmhouse in Pitigliano wouldn't typically come to mind as one of them, our little wedding was perfect! The warmth of everyone involved,  Edoardo, Jo, the men who came to prepare our feast :), made us feel like we were part of their family. The intimacy of having just family and having it at "home" made it amazing.  It's hard to put into words, other than to say there was so much love at the wedding!
Thank you for your help in making it happen and if you ever find yourself wanting to visit Seattle, drop me a note.

Wedding in Italy

Location: Pitigliano
Photographer: Edoardo Agresti
Symbolic minister: Jo from Tuscan Pledges
Wedding planner: Kelly Hayes Wedding design

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