Monday, 2 December 2013

One Bride, One groom, will travel!! Part one...

When Sara first wrote to me asking for information, she introduced herself and her fiance as ''living in the US and love to travel!''  Sara and Jason had never been to Italy before, but Sara's great grandmother was from the old country and they felt it would be an ideal way to connect their past with their future!
 With her mother and friend making the trip over to Europe to be with them, the wedding of Sara and Jason kicked off the night before with a private cooking lesion at Ristorante Famiglia Baggio located  at the foot of the Asolo hill, followed by dinner at the chefs table.

'' The cooking class was perfect. We loved everyone, the food was spectacular and it was the best experience. Bravo for the suggestion!''

Finally the day of the wedding had arrived, the documents were in (yippy)  and everyone was remarkably relaxed! Introducing Sara to Neil Walker, her photographer and leaving them together while Sara was having her hair and make-up done, Jason and I went to the florist to make her bouquet.  Jason, looked on bemused as I harvesting the jasmine growing on the walls of the town and together we made his brides bouquet! 

Leaving Jason to relax and enjoy soaking up the atmosphere of Asolo, I made my way to the beautiful Hotel Villa Cipriani.  Sara had found a pretty pin the day before and we were able to attach a photo of her late father on to the bouquet so she could cary him close to her on her wedding day. 

A sip of prosecco and suddenly it was time to depart for the town hall, where Jason was now waiting for his bride... 

Part two: The Wedding coming soon! 

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