Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Groom With A View #3`

Bouquets and Buttonholes

Just three days left to our wedding day and we find ourselves in the beautiful town of Treviso. The build up to this point has been an excitable mix of chaos coated with romance, the mayhem finally being pulled into shape with the help of The Italian Wedding Planner and no small amount of effort from all those involved.

The experience of planning our wedding has been memorable, with a number of lessons learned along the way. We will never again under-estimate the challenges of transporting 5 suits, one wedding dress, 6 suitcases, 3 children, and one beautiful bride from England to Italy. With the logistics successfully negotiated we now revel in the simple pleasures of putting the all important finishing touches to our day.

I write this blog to the backdrop of an I-pod being tested for volume (the administration men at Il Commune remain blissfully unaware their town hall is about to be filled with the melodic tones of The Arctic Monkeys, Rotherham’s finest export).

The final countdown is proving to be by far the most enjoyable part of our planning. The jobs being carried out in the Italian sunshine involve visiting our gorgeous canal side restaurant to arrange seating plans, table decorations, menu choices; choosing flowers for bouquets and buttonholes; picking out wedding cake; polishing speeches and wedding vows. Each task seems to get rewarded with a glass of Prosecco or a “big beer” in the Piazza Del Signori…. An excellent way to go about your business.
Piazza Del Signori Treviso 
It is during these finishing touches that I am relishing the pleasure of planning alongside my stunning wife-to-be. It appears, while I have been busying myself with the logistical “man jobs” she has been subtly providing the feminine touches to our day. Whilst unpacking our suitcase I find table settings (hand made and written with an elegance I simply could not muster). In the same bag are wedding favours, compiled by Amber and presented in her own unique way. Alongside them are a bag of sweets and treats to thank our boys for their hard work and patience. As the I-pod continues its volume testing it transpires there is a Playlist prepared, not only for the ceremony but also the restaurant.

I am reminded once again how lucky I am, not that I needed to be. She really is, and always was, the one.

Now all that remains is the fun part of the day itself. The nerves are beginning to build and I have no doubt they will reach a knee trembling crescendo around ten to twelve on Saturday. At least as I stand trembling at the front of the town hall, I will do so safe in the knowledge I am marrying the right girl, in the right town, surrounded by the right people…..
……. Thank goodness this only happens once!                                    M x  

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