Sunday, 10 July 2011

Lock stock and a lot of candles!

Weather in North South East and West Italy

There are a lot of people who think wedding planning is all glamour, but I can assure you right now  the temperature  has risen to HOT HOT HOT and there is only one place for me to be  on this Sunday afternoon and that is in the basement...

As I take a break from checking vases, counting candles repairing storage boxes and getting stock cleaned up to write this blog,  I am looking anything but glamourise!

I have however been enjoying going through our stock and remembering items from past weddings as well as rediscovering candle holders that we have not used for a while but will be perfect for upcoming weddings. 

 Italy has yet to catch up with the idea of renting stock to decorate the venue. There are only a very small group of companies which offer this service. Recently there was a very exuberant  Indian wedding in Venice, when every one  of this small group of suppliers were pulled in from all over Italy to set up and decorate the venue. One of these companies I have worked with on several occasions and it is a delight when I go to their stock room in Tuscany to select tables and chairs for forthcoming weddings. 

Over the years I  also have accumulated a wide selection  of stock which we have sourced in order to create a certain look. So as I go through box after box of candle holders and lanterns, I am shocked by the amount of stock we have. Not only because it all needs to be cleaned and repacked ready for the next time we need them, but because there are lots of items I had forgotten about!

I know we are one of the very few wedding planners in Italy who offers the service of  decorating the venue with beautiful candle holders and other decretive items at no extra cost,  after all if we are organising the wedding we want to make sure it looks perfect! 

 In recent years as the concept of designing the wedding day in Italy is starting to grow, all be it slowly! When I worked in London it was a frequent practice to be contracted solely in the capacity of  designer and setting the scene for the wedding, whereas here in Italy the idea is only just hatching, which means sourcing items can at times be a challenge! 

I think that is why we have ended up buying so many items... On that note it is time for me to go back down to the cool armed with my glass cleaner and bubble wrap!

The smallest details can make all the difference....

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