Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Italian Wedding Destination: Aeolian Island Salina Part One

When one first thinks of getting married in Italy, one automatically thinks of the beautiful country and all it has to offer.  From Venice and Tuscany, to Rome and the Amalfi Coast there are stunning views, spectacular architecture, delicious food, and amazing people making Italy a fantastic place to get married. But that is just the mainland....  

I recently ventured south and discovered some lovely hidden jewels. During our week of touring the Aeolian Islands, staying on the island of Salina with a few friends, I could not help thinking what a perfect place it was for a wedding in Italy. 

The view from our villa.
Nestled between two inactive volcanoes, the town of Malfa was the perfect town to settle in for a week in paradise.  The people were kind and welcoming, and even brought us fresh vegetables from their garden! Salina offers a plethora of activities for the active couple as well. You can go kayaking or hiking or just rent scooters for the day and cruise around this magnificent Island.  Or take a more relaxed approach and peruse the unique shops or grab a gelato and stop to take in the view.  Almost everywhere you go on the island, there is a view of the sparkling blue Tyrrhenian Sea.  The perfect backdrop for a gorgeous wedding in Italy!

The rich volcanic soil results in the most breathtaking, vibrant flowers all over the island.
In the main piazza of Malfa, this beautiful church is the main focus. Every day the soft dreamy bells rang out from Chiesa dell’Immacolata letting everyone know when lunch is ready or to come in from the rolling hills where they have been picking Capers or tending their grape vines. 

On one of the first evening of our stay, we sat on the terrace enjoying a glass of the local vino and drinking in the view, we heard the bells calling the locals to the church for the wedding celebration of two of the towns residence.  

To our delight the ceremony was broadcasted out over the town so the whole community could listen and celebrate with the couple.  As the priest spoke about love, it was so rhythmic and melodic that all four of us were deeply moved by the romance of the moment. 

We could then hear the bride and groom, each taking a turn to declare their vows to one another.  After the priest declared them husband and wife, their wedding ceremony concluded with the pleasant sounds of a children’s choir. I’m sure for the bride and groom it was a very moving moment, personally it is one that will stay with me forever... 

I have to admit, after just a couple days on this magical island, and experiencing this beautiful Italian wedding, I couldn’t help but think how I might like to have a wedding there in Salina one day…



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