Friday, 28 October 2011

Top cities, towns and villages in Tuscany part 2


If we were to pick up Giacomo Lauro  guide book on Cortona printed in Rome in 1639 open it at any page and read its description of this elegant hill town, we would be hard pressed to find very many changes! 

"From a high Tuscan hill, fifty miles from Florence between Arezzo and Perugia, rises the equally ancient and noble city of Cortona. Before the city lays a vast and beautiful plain, it is flanked on either side by distant hills and valleys while behind it are towering yet fruitful mountains. Cortona has a picturesque aspect, quite a bit longer than wide, turned towards the midday sun. Her district is fertile and is abundant with all that is necessary to human life. It is Cortona marked by the Meridian-Antarctic star sign, feminine, in motion, pungent, earthy, frigid and dry and under the noble reign of..."

Text from: "Cortona, guida storico-artistica" by Edoardo and Paolo Mori - Special thanks to Edizioni Calosci

To think that Cortona attracted enough visitors in the 1600's to warrant a guide book is of no great surprise, for Cortona is one of the most beautiful hill towns in Tuscany. "Under the Tuscan sun" author lives in the town and after her book was published and later turned in to a movie, the town was once again in the limelight as a 'must visit'. Today there are still a few tourists who visit in the height of the summer, once they arrive they forget about the book and are enchanted by the town. 

Capturing the hearts and imaginations of her visitors, with her romantic architecture,  winding cobbled streets, terracotta tiled rooftops and charming town hall you can see why many couples chose to celebrate their nuptials here. 
There are many excellent restaurants, shops selling local produce and a breathtaking theatre, in the heart of Cortona and located nearby are some truly magical villas and farmhouses where your wedding party can stay exclusively and you can host a spectacular wedding reception. 
For information on hosting your wedding celebrations in Cortona, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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