Thursday, 2 February 2012

Look stylish and have change left over for essentials like shoes

Fashionable guests arrive at a wedding on Lake Como

What to wear to a destination wedding is a question we get asked a lot and with several wedding to go to myself in the coming months I totally understand this dilemma.  Also as with most destination weddings there are to be welcome parties, dinners obviously the big day and then another dinner the next day, a wardrobe full of beautiful dresses is not only what we desire but what we require!

Wish Want Wear!
With our bank managers or husbands/partners telling us to watch our pennies, how can we get what we want and keep everyone happy? Let me let you in on a little secret, this year I shall be wearing beautiful designer dresses at a fraction of the cost and I will save a small fortune leaving me with plenty to spend on shoes!

How? Simple by taking a leaf out of the grooms men's book and by renting my dress! With thousands of hot of the cat walk dresses in lots of sizes it is the perfect solution!
Girl meets dress

For guests coming for a long weekend to an Italian wedding or the bride looking for dresses to shine in during welcome cocktails, you can rent the dresses for the duration of your trip and then just post it back to the wardrobe master when you get home and they deal with the dry cleaning!

Popular in New York where the pressure is on to always be looking your best, means the on line hire companies have even more spectacular outfits to chose from, so when I go to New York for my friends wedding, I will be hiring a dress for every night of the week!

 Check out Girl meets dress and Wish Want Wear in the UK and Rent the Runway in the USA for some fabulous outfits and they also rent accessories so have fun! Why buy when you can rent...
Rent the runway

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