Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Splash of colour on a winters day

What a beautiful day for a white wedding! Kris Marshall married his long-term fiancée Hannah Dodkin in a romantic snow-filled ceremony in Somerset on Saturday afternoon

As Europe gets covered in a blanket of snow and Ice, the canals of Venice have frozen and Rome has snow for the first time in decades, couples who planned a February wedding suddenly found there day transformed in to a magical winter wonderland! 

I was just reading in the Daily Mail about Kris Marshall's (a British actor famous for BT adverts) wedding in the UK over the weekend and two  things struck me, the first how beautiful is his brides bouquet, simple compact and bringing a splash of colour to a winters day and the second,  I love the back of her dress! If anyone recognises the dress designer please let me know! 

Remember just the smallest details make all the difference! 

Congratulations Kris and Hannah  

Careful! The new Mrs Marshall gets a helping hand up the snow-covered steps by one of her bridesmaids

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