Saturday, 7 July 2012

Capture the magic focus on photographer- Shanna Jones

Shanna Jones is a South African wedding photographer who splits her base between her home land and London. However she is an international photographer who's stunning photos speak for themselves as to why she is in demand!  Here are her words and photos from a beautiful wedding in Tuscany! 
Part 1:
I loved sal and col ( and fabulous friends ) the instant i met them.  super chilled and laid back ( yes that is a pair of garden pliers being used to cut the tag off of a pronovias dress ), the Catureglio, in Borgo a Monzano, heart of tuscany ( you hava-to-usa-your-handsa-when you sayzzzz this ) fit them like a glove.   from the authentic italian food, ( mind you … authentic italian waitors = hot ! ), beautiful warm weather, a villa pervaded with rosemary, poolside surrounded by olive groves, mountains and forest . . . i was in another Bernado Bertolucci movie.   and so round about now, i am going to remember that i am a photographer and not a linguist, and let the pics speak for themselves. what an insane wedding to round off the european season with > couldn’t have loved this wedding anymore *

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