Sunday, 29 July 2012

Something blue...

The other day I had the joy of having to phone Italian telecom to report a fault on the line. I had the joy of calling 6 times and whilst 4 of those calls were stressful 2 where highly entertaining! My favourite call was with a very sweet operator from Turin, who has herself in a tizz about her wedding and took the opportunity of my phone call to pick my brains. Her first question was,  'If I have been living with my man for 18 months is it ok to still wear a white wedding dress?' and this got me thinking. Not really about the question itself but my answer to her was she could wear any colour including white she feels comfortable with, but recently I had seen a bride in the most beautiful blue grey silk gown and it looked amazing!  Leading me to your "something blue!"

Wallis Simpson's blue wedding dress
Bride Blue Grey Tulle Wedding Dress Wallpaper

Jenny Packham
Blue Temperley Kaftan available to "borrow" from Covet 

Perfect for a winter wedding! 
Claire Pettibone


  1. Indre Boriseviciene30 July 2012 at 14:24

    melyna, melsva, visuomet gera!!!

  2. Monika Bagdonaite30 July 2012 at 14:24

    My fav color!:)


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