Monday, 23 July 2012

Dapper Gentlemen dressed to impress!

Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss
What is it about the elegance of Black Tie that gets us gets us ladies all excited and makes the men stand up straighter, play with their cufflinks and start asking for a Martini? 

Black tie creates an elegant look that screams glamour and if you are a black tie novice it might seem a little inconvenient, but think again as it could not be more convenient! If you are coming to Italy for a black tie wedding my advice is hire your suit before you arrive and if you are Italian going to a destination wedding for example in the UK,  then let me introduce you to the amazing Moss Bros hire! So put your worries behind you as they can ship your suit internationally or if you are going to the UK just send them your measurements in advance and your suit will be ready and waiting for you on your arrival  for a small hire fee! (starting at £55,00) Alternatively invest in a wardrobe MUST HAVE! 

Now that the logistics have been covered, here is the fun part... 
Lanificio Flli Cerruti dal 1881 Dress Suit
There is something undeniably elegant about the Cerruti dinner jacket shown above with a winged collared shirt. 
 Joe Peak Satin Lapel Dress Suit by Ted Baker
My personal preference is a single button jacket with a normal collared dress shirt. 

Moss Bross Black spot tie (on sale now at £12,00)
Gentlemen, it is by far more preferable to tie your own bow tie! Come on, how else can you achieve that smoking hot end of the evening look!!


Moss Bros Mens Black Ready Made Polyester Bow Tie
Moss Bross pre tied bow tie
If tying your own makes you all fingers and thumbs you can buy a ready made bow tie,  but please don't wear this with a wing collar shirt that gives the cheat away! 

Personalised cufflinks by Aspinal of London
Why not treat yourself to a gift for life and have a set of beautiful elegant cufflinks made... 

You can add a flash of your own personalities with a colourful cummerbund but traditional black is still in my mind the best option! 

Louie Thomas Luxury Braces

Tuxedos trousers 
Suite by Henry Poole 
A white silk handkerchief, check out T.M. Lewin for beautiful white plain silk handkerchief. 
Samuel Windsor oxford black shoe
Samuel Windsor classic Oxford black shoe go hand in hand with traditional craftsmanship and if you buy now they are in the sale for £35,00 RRP £100,00! 

Or splurge!
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Formal black patent leather plain Oxford dress shoes, hand crafted in the UK by Joseph Cheaney & sons . This style is cemented in construction and features a leather heel - perfect for special evening occasions and suitable for dancing.

Charles tyrwhitt 
Wonderful Silk scarf (in the sale at £39.95) setting off this beautiful Charles Tyrwhitt dinner suit  (also currently half price in the sale at £200,00) 

A nice watch! 
Wear something strong yet not flashy, hitting just the right tone! 
No. 1 Pure Perfume for Men by Clive Christian
A sexy scent, although the above will set you back a whopping $2,350.00!! Might be best to go for something a little more modest but equally as sexy for example Acqua Di Parma
One for the ladies! 
Ryan Reynolds wears his well...
Now gents you are ready to go but before you do just a little note. If the invite says Black tie, lets leave the skinny black ties and suits at home and step up to the mark by making the effort for your friends wedding! Trust me you will be delighted you did when you see the end result! 

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    Great post...thanks for this. I will push this under the noses of a few certain people.


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