Monday, 22 October 2012

For our May brides!

Queen anne’s lace bouquets
I know our May brides are thinking about their bouquets and trying to decide do they go for the big bouquet, the small one, the tear drop or the round and on top of all of that what flowers are available and will work well in May.  So I have put together a few photos to hopefully inspire you ladies!
Bouquet of white anemones with their black centres 
Bouquet of pale iris, delphinium, lily of the valley and hydrangeas.

Bouquet was made up entirely of purple lilacs

 Bouquet of white ranunculus, sweet pea, hydrangea and astilbe
Small bouquet of purple anemones with hydrangeas.
Modern bouquet of pink open peony 

Fill round bouquet of cream closed peony 
Small simple bouquet of peach, ivory and green ranunculus

A bouquet mixed with white anemones, fragrant sweet pea and lilly of the valley

In May a Lilly of the Valley bouquet is affordable... 

I adore this small bouquet of ranunculus
Pastel colours mix of roses, ranunculus, lilacs, tied together with lace and pinned in place with her Grandmothers broach 

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