Monday, 7 March 2011

Dont forget tomorrow is La festa della Donna!

La Festa della Donna

8th March 
International women's day is celebrated on the 8th March, in Italy it is known as la Festa della Donna. The history is a little sketchy, but the common thought is that before the war there were many festivals celebrating women in Italy.  After the war it was decided by the Union of Italian Women  to hold all celebrations on March 8, a day symbolic in the history of women’s rights around the world.

The giving of mimosa was adopted for this festival and has become the traditional way for men to show their appreciation of women.  Today women also give bunches of Mimosa flowers to each other in celebration of solidarity.
Homes become full of the scent of this sweet spring flower and mama's take a day off from the kitchen.
Today florists will be snowed under getting orders ready for delivery tomorrow, restaurants will be taking orders for tomorrow night and the bad news is cities will be over run with women coming from surrounding towns and  villages to celebrate! The men are outnumbered and I think most decide to sit this one out!
If you are in Italy on the 8th March my advice is buy your female friends some mimosa, book a quiet restaurant and enjoy the La Festa della Donna!

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