Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Summer Time Wedding...

Summer time in Italy can see temperatures rocket, especially in the mid day heat! When organising summer weddings we have to take into consideration the well-being and comfort of the wedding party.  

Here are our top tips to keeping everyone cool in the sun on your wedding day...
  • If you are transporting your guests from your venue to the Church or town hall put a bottle of water on each chair. Tip your bus driver and ask him to put out another bottle of water for the guests for the return journey.
  • You might want to put travel sized sun cream in a basket on the bus just in case Uncle Tom needs some for his head!
  • Most town halls and Churches will be cool but once 100 people enter the room it soon starts to heat up. Brides, try not to be too late so your guests don't wilt and your groom does not start to pace!
  • A lot of couples ask for Ice cream on exiting the ceremony, unfortunately this is not advisable as it will melt. Take your guests for a short walk through the town (great for photos) to the ice cream parlor and arrange for there to be trays of ice cream ready to hand out.
  • You have thought about your guests, but don't forget most old cars will not have Air con, make sure there is water in the car for the Bride and Groom!
  • If you are having an outdoor ceremony, waiting until later in the day when it begins to cool down will help.
  • Offer shade to your guests.
  • Giving out fans is a lovely way to welcome your guests to the ceremony.

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