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Festivals in Italy

Italy throughout the year is filled with festivals.
 When you are planning your wedding in Italy you should take in to consideration any festivals taking place in the area on the same day or days of your wedding celebration. If you chose to get married in Venice in February there is a very big possibility that it will coincide with the Venice Carnival. If this is the case you should expect the cost of flights and accommodation to double even quadrupole! So research is imperative!Sometimes it is an unexpected pleasure for your guests if there are special events taking place in the town where your wedding is taking place, last year we organised for all the guests to attend one of Ravello's famous music festival concerts which was an unforgettable experience.

We have complied a list of festivals throughout the year and would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to add a festival or event to this list.


New Year's Day. New Year's Events

Trasimeno Blues Festival, Umbria's Gospel Festival, continues through the first week of January at Lake Trasimeno.

Carnevale - some year's Carnevale events may start in late January, depending on the date of Shrove Tuesday and Easter.


Milan fashion week see for more information.
Almond Blossom Festival - Agrigento, Sicily

The Carnevale di Venezia - The Venice Carnival is a must see in your life time!


Easter (March/April)

Medieval Easter Celebrations - Assisi, Umbria


Ravello Music Festival starts for tickets please visit

Palio - Asti, Piedmont Typical medieval parade with horse races

Sant’Efisio Festival - Cagliari, Sardinia

Race of the Candles - Gubbio, Umbria

Florence football match

La Sensa, Marriage to the Sea
Known as one of Venice's oldest festivals, this annual ceremony reaffirms the 'marriage' of Venice and the Adriatic sea. The mayor arrives at the Lido by boat and drops a gold ring into the sea as a symbol of Venice's eternal fidelity to Serenissima 'Queen of the Seas'. He then proceeds to the San Nicolo church to attend a service. Anybody who dives into the sea and retrieves the ring may keep it, and be exempt from all state taxes for a year.
Venue: Lido
Date: First Sunday after Ascension (Usually May or Early June)
Medieval Soccer Match - Florence, Tuscany


Palio di Siena - Siena, Tuscany World-Famous Palio (Horse race)
Village fairs - throughout the country towns will hold their annual summer festival. Sometimes it is a beer festival, other times it is a apple festival. Usually they start in the evening when it is cooler but be warned in some villages the music from the fairground can be loud and it keeps playing until 0100!


Verona Opera
 Joust of the Quintana - Ascoli Piceno, The Marches

The Verona Opera with performances throughout the summer (weather permitting) is a very special experience. A must see if you are in the area!

16th August The main Summer bank holiday

Venice Film Festival
The Venice Film Festival (Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica di Venezia) is the oldest film festival in the world and takes place at the end of August and beginning of September each year. Take a water bus to the Lido to enjoy the presentation, mingle with the stars and catch sneak previews of some of the top films in the forthcoming year! Book accommodation and cinema tickets early. Tel. +39 041 521 8711.
Venue: Lido
Date: 31 August - 10 September, 2011

RomaEuropa Festival
RomaEuropa is Rome's annual, international cultural event that features performances and concerts of theatre, dance and music. Although the focus is on classical music, the festival is famous for its diversity of musical styles and artists.
Venue: Various venues throughout Rome.
Date: 21 September to 2 December 2010


Wine Festival – Marino, Latium Wine-pouring fountains and lots of wine from the Roman Castles Area

October 16th through to the 25th sees the hugely popular ‘Eurochocolate festival’ take place in Perugia, Italy
Truffle festivals




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