Tuesday, 1 March 2011

'What ever will they think of next!'

Throughout history the bride and groom have been showered with rice as a symbol of prosperity and fertility. Today I received  a link from a friend regarding  'designer wedding rice'. According to my friend the new craze is this heart shaped rice.
'Designer wedding rice'
I can hear my grandmother tutting and saying 'What ever will they think of next!' However when placed  in to individual organza bags the heart shaped rice does looks very pretty. If you are getting married in Italy are really want the designer rice thrown at you as you leave the ceremony, you should bring this with you as according to my friend and my research today, you can not buy it in Italy. You can however buy it on line and have it shipped to Italy...
 Meanwhile back in Italy, traditional wedding rice is easily available and at half the price looks just as pretty, as with everything, you just need to make a little effort with the presentation!

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