Sunday, 29 May 2011

Elope in Italy

Most couples take around a year to plan their wedding in Italy, but some couples decide to get married in a few weeks and sometimes a few days!


There is something very spontaneous and romantic about deciding to get married in Italy in a matter of weeks, couples are full of excitement and ready to face the loops they must jump through to be able to celebrate their love for each other in one of the most romantic settings in the world! 

Lake Garda

Yes, it is possible to get married in Italy last minuet, arrange all the paperwork, book  the location for the ceremony and all the service providers! However please note,  this does depend on your nationality! 

Le Cinque terre

If you are American or Australian the process is very fast and your paperwork can be arranged in a matter of hours making Italy a wonderful destination for your last minuet wedding or elopement. 

If you are British you will need to give yourself a little more time for the notice of no impediment to be issued in the UK, this normally takes a month to come through and then we apply for the Nulla Osta in Italy which can be produced in about 2 weeks or less depending on the time of year and how busy the consular office is at that time. So you should give yourself a min of 2 months to prepare the documents. Taking in to account how many months most couples give themselves to get ready 2 months pass by very fast and being able to celebrate your 'last minuet' wedding in Italy... well worth the wait!


While elopements were always seen as an exclusive afar, they don't have to be. Just because you decide to elope in Italy does not mean that your family and friends can not be there with you. The best part about eloping is there are no rules! You can get married in a beautiful setting and have a picnic on a boat off the island of Capri; get married in the town hall of Florence and afterwards have dinner in a castle or in Venice and enjoy a gondola ride at sun set... Where ever you decide to get married in Italy we make getting married in Italy a stress free experience!

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