Saturday, 7 May 2011

Someone like you...

I can not believe a week has passed since  the wedding of Cassandra and Sean in Tuscany. It was a fun filled wedding full of laughter, so much food and lovely wine. But what made it more special is how lovely Cass and Sean are!

We have spent the past year planning their wedding, with guests flying in from all over the world a lot of logistical planning was required. It is a testimony to how amazing this couple are that their friends and family made the journey with them to Italy.

I arrived on site on the Thursday and the round of final meetings took place while waiting for Cassandra and Sean to arrive after a long drive from London. Along with some of Sean's family arriving in from Singapore, there was a sense of WOW it is really happening this weekend!

On the Friday morning we delivered both Cassandras dresses along with Sean's shirts to be ironed after the long drive, then Cassie and I went to have a look at the church and do a few final errands. Before we knew it it was 12:00 and we needed to get to a television!

After a mad dash back to my taxi, Cassie and I found a working mans bar and we were allowed to turn on the TV to watch the Royal Wedding of William and Kate, much to the horror of the men on their lunch breaks. Although they were very engaged in watching the wedding and voicing their opinions on Kate Middleton's wedding dress!

 Tearing ourselves away from the TV we went back to the venue to welcome guests and for me to wait the arrival of Neil walker the photographer from the UK.

Once Neil arrived, I swept him away to see the church, the town and maybe a little more than he was expecting.... a car wash!

The celebrations officially got underway with a informal get together at the venue where some of the guests where staying and an early night as some of us had a very start the next day.

At the crack of dawn I bumped in to the father of the bride who could not sleep and was walking the grounds. Today his little girl was marrying the man she loves...

The bridesmaids arrived at 0630 to start getting ready and the day was underway....

Who knows where the time went with the caterers arriving at 0700 and my team on site at the same time, we started preparing the reception area. Before I knew it the bus had arrived at 10:00 to take the guests to the church. The groom, his best man and Neil the photographer were also off to the bustling market town of San Giovanni. With the bride and her father remaining at the venue it was time for a glass of prosecco, a few photos on my phone and a quick look at the reception area before I had the honor of driving Cassandra and her father to the church in my London Taxi.

The ceremony was beautiful and Don Luca was lovely and the music brought tears to many peoples eyes...

As I waited outside the church a little girl came to me with her grandmother and asked if they could see the wedding.  Together we peeked in through the door and the little girls face was one of pure delight as she turned to her grandmother and said 'Nona it is not a bride it is a princess and she is beautiful!'

With the newly married couple, friends and family Neil Walker the photographer, took some group shots and guests enjoyed a glass of prosecco in the town square before heading back to the bus.

Neil then had a moment alone with the bride and groom to take a few photos some which were a surprise for everyone involved!

It was time to rejoin their guests back at the venue...

Marmite, who traveled  from London with Cassandra and Sean on his pet passport,  found all the attention a little tiring, especially when all he wanted to do was hit the buffet!

As guests began to relax, Cassandra went to change in to her second wedding dress for the reception.


The father of the bride, who was wearing a traditional Filipino wedding shirt in honour of Cassandras mother, who unfortunately could not be at the wedding, gave one of the best speeches I have ever heard and on more than one occasion made me well up as he spoke about how proud he was to have such a wonderful daughter.

Time for final checks on the table and a moment of pride as Cassandra told me everything was exactly how she envisioned her wedding day to be. I am delighted I was able to make her dream wedding come true.

After one more group photo taken from the top of the castle, guests made their way to the table, the feast began, the wine flowed like water and the band played!

After the meal guests came out in to the garden for wish balloons, sweet buffet and the cutting of THE CAKE!

 The dance floor opened and everyone partied until the early hours the next day.

Congratulations Cassandra and Sean!

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make their day so perfect, a special thank you to:

Neil Walker, who not only made everyone feel relaxed in front of his lens but also was an amazing help on the day, I can not express how much fun it was to work with Neil! Can not wait to see his photographs of the day!
Nadia from stiatti fiori and her team for all the beautiful flowers.
Preludio for the feast.
The Tuscan Swingers, for the wonderful music.
Tenuta Lupinari, ladies you were fantastic!
Poggio Cennina, for a wonderful welcome buffet.


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