Saturday, 28 May 2011

sofia coppola is planning her wedding in Italy...

Sofia Coppola is planning to marry her French rock singer fiance Thomas Mars, this August in her family's ancestral town of Bernalda in southern Italy. Bernalda is where her great grandfather came from and where her famous father has been restoring the family home.

It has been reported that the wedding will take place in Palazzo Margherita, the 19th-century villa that Coppola's legendary filmmaker father Francis Ford Coppola restructured in the town, La Stampa daily reported without citing a source.
Coppola was previously married to director Spike Jonze, whom she divorced in 2003, four years after their wedding. She and Mars, the lead singer in the French rock band Phoenix, have two children and live in Paris.
Hollywood heavyweights Steven Spielberg, Al Pacino, Sylvester Stallone and Nicholas Cage are all expected to attend the wedding, the report said.
The 40-year-old director is a winner of the Golden Lion in Venice for her film "Somewhere" and is perhaps best known for her 2003 work "Lost in Translation" starring Bill Murray which was nominated for four Oscars.

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