Friday, 13 May 2011

A Groom With A View... 11 weeks to go!

Mike, our groom with a view with his beautiful bride to be.  
As the days and weeks tick by bringing us rapidly closer to our main event, it appears that weddings are all around us. While the analysts and commentators devoured every royal detail of a very royal wedding, Amber and I found ourselves in the beautiful village of Sneem in Southern Ireland, attending the last family wedding before our own.

And so our plans are being finalised amidst a backdrop of wedding fever. I have enjoyed watching Amber get excited by the events of the last few weeks, she loves everything about it from the fashion to the fairy-tale and the regal tradition to the romantic love stories.  Our coffee table is burdened more than usual with Hello! and OK magazines, Sunday supplements, bridal pull-outs… There is certainly no shortage of inspiration to spur her on as she immerses herself in wedding research. Her attention to detail is second to none and I love the pride and sense of perfection she displays as she realises a real desire to make our day everything that it deserves to be.

Whilst Amber has given her wedding day a lifetime of thought, I have allowed myself just the 14 months since popping the question to prepare. The bitter reality is that young boys do not devote much thought to their wedding day (in the fear that it may get in the way of climbing trees, kicking footballs against brick walls, or falling out of trees). So here I am, less than 3 months to go, with an overriding feeling of being about 30 years late to the wedding planning party. With the logistical stuff taken care of, I find myself stepping things up a gear in an attempt to be all I can be on our wedding day. There is a realisation that all eyes will be on us, we will never have been photographed so much, and from so many angles as we will be that day. So, with a nervous excitement, I embrace my pre-wedding regime in an attempt to do justice to my beautiful bride. Note to self: Nails clean, shoes polished, stomach in, chest out, stand tall, relax, smile…..

Both the weddings in Westminster and Sneem received universal acclaim, the bar has indeed been set very high. But, with Amber thriving on the challenge, and with more than a little help from our friends, I’m convinced our happy day will surpass all expectations. We may not be televised live across the globe but, in our minds and in our memories, it will be Treviso and not Westminster that hosts the wedding of the century.
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