Sunday, 8 May 2011

Menu for a Wedding in Italy

When we think about a wedding reception in Ireland, the UK and many other countries where food is not the pivotal point of daily life, we think about a 4 course meal, sometimes we come away delighted
at the food, most of the time we find it just ok and we rave more about the entertainment or flowers.
 In Italy they take food very seriously and the wedding feast is an opportunity to celebrate with gastronomic delights!
Italian chefs take enormous pride in their work and whereas in other countries the chef will prepare dishes for the pallet of the diner, in Italy they prepare dishes as they should be eaten! I have in the past braved the thunder reaction of a chef by daring to enter in to his kitchen with umm bisto.... The couple had requested gravy for the auld fellas attending the wedding from Ireland and sooo in I went with the red tub of gravy granules.
The reaction of this chef is best left between he and I, however I did get  gravy on to the table... although I had to make it outside of his kitchen!
Today I am thinking of menu options for a simple but elegant wedding in Tuscany this summer and trust me it is harder than you would think with all the different options! I am looking for inspiration in past wedding menus and worry that there might still be too much food even after I have cut the menu in half!

Welcome cocktail
(Prosecco and Rose’ Prosecco with a raspberry in the bottom of the glass
   Orange,  Pineapple & Grapefruit Juice
Pastry Rissoles
 Mixed Olives
Feta cheese
Fried vegetables (to be served by circulated waiters)
Fried Sage
Pratomagno ham
Colonnata lard
Tuscan salami &  Finocchiona
Bresaola carpaccio with red radicchio and pine nuts
Giant  buffalo  mozzarella with olive oil flavoured with basil
Crostini with chicken liver paté, mushrooms
Variety of Tuscan Pecorino cheeses
with a variety of  marmalades and mustards
A variety of traditional Arno Valley’s bread
 Tables service
Rose with nettle and crescenza cheese with leeks sauce and asparagus
Papadella with wild boar
Valdarno chicken medallions with black cabbage, cocco nano beans, crispy “tarese” bacon
Chianina Beef Steak with pink pepper, potatoes with rosemary and grilled vegetables.
Traditional Italian wedding cake

Now lets hope the Bride and Groom like the menu I am putting forward to them and that the catering company also agree that it will work!

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