Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Downton Abbey Lady Mary's wedding dress

Yippy Downton Abbey is back and I am a big fan, also did I mention  that I like a good wedding... Oh the first episode did not disappoint!  So I have pushed the planned blog post to tomorrow,  to share the much awaited wedding of Lady Mary to Matthew Crawley and it was perfect! 
Her dress... 1920's understated elegance but the beautiful diamond-encrusted tiara in the shape of a garland of leaves with little floral buds was for me, the crowning glory!

Created especially for the on-screen wedding by royal jewellers Bentley & Skinner. Working in collaboration with the Downton team, Bentley & Skinner artisans altered the dazzling, 45-carat important Georgian tiara, which was set in white gold, yellow gold and silver.
While the stunning piece is available to buy, I hope you are sitting down when I you read it comes with a whopping £125,000 price tag, might be a little out of most brides' price range!  
So for most of us lets dream a little....

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