Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The joy is in the detail...

The Italian wedding planner

The wonderful thing about Italy is the backdrop speaks for itself. However don't be lulled in to thinking that is all you need to make your wedding POP! 

It is the attention to details that makes a memorable wedding 

The smallest detail can change the look and feel of your wedding, you don't have to do much to make a difference. I hear all the time from Brides who have been to friends weddings that they saw something they loved and want to have something simular at their wedding. I like to think of the friends who came to my Bride and Grooms wedding and went away thinking 'that was a great idea, I am going to copy that!'
Lets take a look at some ideas for your ''Italian Wedding details''... 
Nothing worse than guests waiting on a hot day for the wedding to start, especially if you are having your wedding at the venue. Why not set up a refreshment station so guests can help themselves to a cold glass of lemonade before they are seated. 
Ring baring cushions, well they do nothing for me, so do something different! 

Unusual confetti cones always bring a smile to guests faces. You can make these yourself using pretty wrapping paper whilst sipping prosecco with your girlfriends... 

The charm of this iconic symbol of Italy is never lost on your guests! Great for the bride and groom and even more exciting for your guests! There is always lots of laughter when these little cars put in an appearance! 

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