Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Traditional flower girl dresses

Nicki Macfarlane Summer Image

Flower girls and bridesmaids are big a delightful part of the wedding day. In recent years we have seen a move toward the traditional flower girl dresses and even more so after the Royal wedding last year.
The Royal flower girl and bridesmaids dresses.
Nicki Macfarlane is one of my favourite bridesmaid dress designers, her creative talent for making beautiful dresses which the little people like to wear is unlimited! I have often heard it said, that if you are having flower girls or bridesmaids at your wedding then look no further than Nicki Macfarlane for beautiful dresses! 

Just feast your eyes on some of her wonderful creations! 

'Even those brides who chose fashion forward style for their wedding party will still choose a traditional gown for their flower girls essentially because little girls look best when they are dressed as little girls' 
Melina Zippero of Stellina Cute Couture for Children.


  1. White is the most popular color fitting for all kinds of wedding ceremony, whether a church wedding or a beach wedding. It will make your girl look beautiful as a pure angel. Maybe you want more vitality present in your wedding, then try to add some simple accessories to decorate flower girl, such as flowers, hairpins or pink ribbons, and you’ll create a perfect flower girl of charm.

  2. there is no any reason that traditionally peoples were wear something odd...nothing like that...not at all...even that traditionally dresses was so nice as compared to today's.


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