Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Romantic Buddhist wedding ceremony in Rome part 1

We are delighted to be able to share with you Alessandro and Jacelyn's wedding in Rome. They wanted to celebrate their marriage in a way that represented both their cultures. Alessandro is Italian and his beautiful bride was born in Malaysia and grew up in Singapore and Australia. Now they live together in the historic heart of Rome...

Words from the bride:

" We decided to have our destination wedding in the heart of Rome's historical center. The location was central to the theme of being in Rome and the Palazzo Taverna, a 13th century building that was mentioned in Dante's Divine Comedy was fitting for that old European elegance that only seems to appear in period movies like Jane Campions 'Portrait of a Lady'.
It's a place where the Pirelli awards are held, where Vogue has thrown parties and it's not hard to understand seeing how the baroque interiors retains a certain valor that descended from a great lineage of artists and patrons adding to a sense of being in an authentic environment that's not preconceived for marketing or business purposes, but rather a product of several great artistic eras spanning from the renaissance to the baroque and classical. Holding the ceremony in the same place as the reception was an important choice for me as I wanted to avoid the stress of having our guests move from one venue to another and the veranda salon enclaved by frescoed ceilings was the perfect place to seal our affirmations of love.
The photography was by NPWA studio and they were splendid in capturing the unfolding moments throughout the evening, leaving me with cherished memories for me to treasure. Serena & Christian are a husband & wife team who have a very distinct and passionate approach to capturing special moments like ours without ever being invasive, always very discreet and unpretentious in their photography style. I couldn't have been happier finding such a wonderful photography duo! Have a look at the photos and see for yourselves. "

Wedding Location: Palazzo Taverna, Rome
Photographer: NPWA StudioGetting ready location: Bride's close friends home
Hair and make up artist: Sandra D'Angelo
Flowers : DIY ( friends and family)
Wedding dress: Jenny Packham
Wedding shoes: Alta Marea
Officiant : Venerable Lama Geshe Gedun Tharchin
Part two coming soon! 

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