Tuesday, 21 August 2012

British national getting married in Italy

Bride signing the registry
British citizen wedding in Amalfi Photo by Marco Ficili 

One of the biggest concerns for couples dreaming of getting married in Italy, is the thought that the paperwork is going to be a nightmare! Well let me put your mind at rest! 
The starting place is the town hall where you would like to get married, even if you are having a legally binding religious wedding you will need to submit the nulla osta to the local town hall. 

Once you have the name and address of the town hall and have it confirmed that there is availability for your wedding then you can proceed to the next step...

Make an appointment at your local registry office for your 'notice of no impediment', you do need one each and it takes about a month for this document to be processed. 

Once the  'notice of no impediment' are issued you need to send them with your original birth certificates in their long form (showing your parents names and occupations) and a photo copy of your passports to the British consulate in either Rome or Milan. If you have been married before you must enclose a copy of the divorce certificate.  

Please note women who have been divorced less than 300 days before their wedding day, must have a medical. 

As of this week the new fee for issuing a Nulla Osta for British nationals is 87 euro and 9 euro for postage to the town hall. You  will need one each! The British consulate will send this directly to the town hall where you are getting married. 

You will need to pop in to the town hall (with your interpreter)  in the days before your wedding to sign a declaration and present documents. Your witnesses are not necessary at this appointment but you will need to submit a copy of their passports.  Then you can relax and wait for the big day.

On your wedding day you will sign the register as will the mayor and your interpreter, this will be logged in the town hall and a copy is sent to Rome. You will be issued with your marriage certificates which you do not need to deposit in the UK. A marriage certificate deposited in the UK has exactly the same legal standing as the Italian marriage certificate issued in Italy at the time the marriage is celebrated. 

Documents :
Long form Birth certificates 
Passports with more than 6 months remaining
Certificate of no impediment 
Nulla Osta

2 witnesses are required 


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