Thursday, 16 August 2012

Our top ten wedding table name ideas

Add a romantic and personal touch to your day with these wedding  table name ideas! 

1) All the significant dates in your relationship. From the first date, first time you told each other you loved them, to the proposal – use them all!
2) Italian God and Goddesses: Anteros Italian God of love and passion. Comus Italian God of feasts and drinking. Astraea Italian Goddess of truth and justice
3) Lines from your favourite romantic poems
4) Titles from your favourite films set in Italy
5) Italian wines: Proecco, Sangiovese Chiante Moscato
6) The locations of the best dates you've been on together
7) All your favourite towns and cities in Italy you have visited
8) All the countries of the world your guests have come from
9) The word "love" translated into lots of different languages
10) Your favourite Italian landmarks

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