Sunday, 26 August 2012

Getting ready to be a bride!

As I sit here, my jaw still resting on my chest after reading The times of India 'Quick beauty tips for brides to be' I am pondering on how much pressure is put on brides to be their most beautiful on their wedding day. The tips I read were not quick and a lot of them were expensive, telling brides to get fillers and Botox to Glycolic acid peels! 

I understand the pressure to look your best and agree a few treatments is not a bad thing but there has to be a line and a way to reduce the stress this puts brides under. 

I admit I have advised brides to get Botox, but under her arms as she was worried about excessive sweating on her wedding day! BUT ladies your Groom wants to see YOU walking down the aisle not some plastic form of you! 

There is no quick fix, every bride will always try her hardest to look her best, but there is no way to cheat for the majority of us women who don't have unlimited funds. So the sooner you can start to change your diet and make some lifestyle changes the better and cheaper it will be! 

Here are a few tips for every girl out there and not just for your wedding day!

  What is the cheapest of all beauty treatments available out there?  

 What daily treatment should you use? 
Water. Washing your face twice a day, with a little soap, helps reduce oily build up and spots! 

 If I were allowed one indulgent beauty treatment before my wedding which one would it be? 
I would have my teeth Whitened! At home teeth whitening kits are great, but professional whitening cannot be beaten! 

 How often should you exfoliate? 
Everyday with a rough towel!

  Which part of the body do brides most often forget to care for? 
Feet! Photographers love to photograph the bride putting on her shoes or painting her nails and there is nothing worse than dry cracked skin on show! Give your feet a treat with a pedicure but also moisturise your feet every night before you go to sleep.

  Do you have to join a gym?
 NO! Just start exercising, this can mean leave the car at home and get the bike out or go for a walk in the evenings.

  What diet do we recommend? A healthy one! Everything in moderation and if you eat food that is in season mother nature will look after you! Remember to increase your metabolism you should add in a small mid morning snack and a mid afternoon snack. Reduce your portion sizes and drink more water! 

I know this is a big ask, but smoking dries out your skin and fills your body with toxins.

 What moisturiser do we recommend? 
Boots No 7 Protect &  Serum is still getting rave reviews! 

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