Friday, 31 August 2012

Hideaways in Italy!

As news breaks about Adele's secret wedding and information drips out about her vintage dress and other details,  we have been talking this morning about our favourite Italian hideaway, the list is long! But we put them in a hat and here are the first five we pulled out, all perfect for a private wedding in Italy! 

Hotel Castello di Casole has that wonderful balance of elegance, comfort and Tuscan charm.

Ahh if Kelly wins the lotto she would like to live here! Villa Le Rose  

Villa Catureglio a magical villa which enchants all her guests! 

You can not get much more secluded than the elegant Palazzo Terranova!  
Where time has stood still... The delightful Masseria Cristo is another one Kelly would buy when she wins the lotto... Now if only she bought a ticket!! 

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