Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Asian destination weddings in Italy

A big church wedding with close to two thousand of your families friends and relitiaves is not everyones idea of how to celebrate their special day. In Aisa large weddings filled with your parents friends and business associates is the norm.

In recent years many Asian couples have broken with tradition opting for a destination wedding with a drastically reduced guest list. One couple recently interviewed on the BBC after they decided to host a destination wedding spoke of how they were able to reduce their guest list to one hundred and sixty guests from the three or four hundred guests they would have been forced in to inviting if they hosted their wedding in Singapore.

Many modern Asian couples opt for a destination wedding because they would like to maintain a feeling of intimacy and would like to create a wedding which offers a new experience to their guests. 

According to 'The Wedding Guide' Asia websites recent study, 40% of their readers have opted on a destination wedding, which is a number that has doubled in the past 5 years.

The cost of hosting a wedding in Asia does play a big factor on why couples are selecting to have their wedding abroad. In Hongkong a table for 10 people can cost 2,000 dollars, so imagine if you have 500 guests the final cost just for the reception is a million dollars and not every one is rich! Suddenly the appeal of a destination wedding increases.

With flights to Italy so accessible and having someone take care of the paperwork here in Italy, the logistics for a wedding in Italy are easily manageable. Here at The Italian Wedding Planner, we have had the joy of working with lots of Asian couples wishing to celebrate their wedding in a unique setting with a very personal ceremony.   From symbolic wedding blessings, church weddings,  Buddhist weddings to civil weddings, we can take care of every detail and incorporate personal traditions in to your special day. 

For more information on how we can help you plan and design your wedding in Italy. please e-mail Kelly at

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